About Us

Our Story:

Modern Robyn Co. is a woman-owned clothing shop on a mission to offer wardrobe choices that are versatile, flattering, and timelessly stylish. We continue personally selecting each piece sold in our store to expand our offered collection into the perfect balance of fashionable essentials, accessories, and statement pieces.

The brand started out as our owner's personal mission to find clothing that would stay on-trend through multiple seasons of fad fashions and flatter a variety of feminine shapes - not just look good on the hanger at the store.

Now let's go find your confidence wardrobe.

"Look good! Feel good!"


Future Goals:

Vendors! Do you make amazing jewelry? The cutest keychains? Originally designed dresses?

Here at Modern Robyn, we strive to offer more locally sourced materials and products. Headquartered in Wyoming, USA, we know the power of small businesses and have set a goal to help sell small-shop goods from across the United States. We would love hear about your high-quality product and how your brand meshes with ours.

Email Maddie@ModernRobyn.com to get the conversation started!